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"Creating your fortune in crypto with the help of highly intelligent AI arbitrage Trading Bot (MEGMA)"

ICO Phase-I sale is open

with same price as Pre-ICO token (0.35 $)

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Total Supply

8 Million MTRX

Pre ICO Supply

2 Million MTRX

0.35 $

ICO Supply

2.5 Million MTRX

Team Megatrox has decided to open the sale of MTRX Coin on 10 April 2018 15:00 UTC. 

if you want to purchase the coin then hurry up and grab this opportunity. We will also open the wallets on same date and time so that you can deposit and purchase MTRX Coins through your wallet balance directly. Thank you.

What is Megatrox Coin?

Megatrox Coin is a digital asset designed to work as a unit of exchange. It uses open protocol to facilitate secure payment transactions. MTRX is based on Bitcoin’s code, it intends to offer a far higher standard of privacy through a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme that preserves confidentiality of transaction metadata. Just as its predecessor, you can easily send MTRX anywhere in the world in seconds as long as recipient is connected to the internet with very less fee. All the transactions are completely anonymous, untraceable payment and unlink-able transactions. Payments without the ability to track and analyze blockchain.Unlike many other digital currencies, MTRX is designed to not only become a digital currency that can meet the highest advanced Technology standards but also become the most user friendly digital currency and can be easily used by anyone. It has following features :


All the transactions are completely anonymous

Fastest Transactions

Your payment & transaction will be processed instantly


Everything protected by advance encryption and algorithms


Uses a Peer to Peer Network


We are highly professional team consisting of 11 members from different online investment and financial fields and have been in cryptocurrency for last 3 years. Our developers have created auto Arbitrage trading AI bot (MEGMA) last year and now we are experimenting arbitrage trading on different exchanges making profits 300% to 500% monthly on our own investments. Before we were trading manually, making almost 150 to 200% profits. With such high profits we had this idea of this financial investment system. We are sure with these huge profits in crypto trading we can surely credit 1 to 2 % profits to our investors on daily basis.

  • We will provide 24/7 support
  • We will give our investors upto 51% monthly profits plus different surprise incentives
  • Interests will be paid in MTRX, BTC, ETH and BCH. It will be completely investor’s choice to choose his currency in which he will receive interests on daily basis.
  • There will be no initial deposit for Pre-ICO & ICO to purchase MTRX
  • There will be only reserve system in our Pre-ICO & ICO then after according to your receipt you have to deposit specific amount to confirm your order(Complete procedure is defined at Dashboard and in Whitepaper)

Initial Coin Offering

Grab the opportunity to purchase MTRX in initial Coin Offering with starting price just 0.35$ in Pre ICO and 0.6$ to 1.2$ in ICO’s different phases.

  • Minimum Purchase in Pre ICO and ICO: 50 MTRX
  • Maximum Purchase in Pre ICO: 5000 MTRX
  • Maximum Purchase in ICO: 1000 MTRX
  • There is a Reserve system in Pre ICO and ICO, it means we are not letting you deposit your amount first to purchase MTRX.
  • Complete details of how to buy are available at Dashboard and in Whitepaper



1 MTRX=0.35 $

13 Apr 2018

00:00 +UTC



1 MTRX=0.35 $

On Going

00:00 +UTC



1 MTRX=0.70 $

22 Apr 2018

00:00 +UTC



1 MTRX=0.80 $

24 Apr 2018

00:00 +UTC



1 MTRX=1.00 $

26 Apr 2018

00:00 +UTC



1 MTRX=1.20 $

28 Apr 2018

00:00 +UTC

Note! All leftover coins will be burnt after the crowd sale.

Megatrox Coin Distribution

Crowd Sale In ICO
Refferal Bounty
Developement Team
Security Team
Reserved Megatrox Coins

MTRX Technical Specs

Type PoS / PoW Hybrid
Coin Name Megatrox
Coin Abreviation MTRX
Block Time 60 Sec
Block Size 8 MB
Minimum Staking Time 60 Minutes
Maximum Staking Time Unlimited
Maximum Coin Supply 08 Million

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program offers an opportunity to promoters to earn three level based bonus by referring new members to participate in ICO and invest in Hybrid staking program. 

Level 1 10%
Level 2 7%
Level 3 5%

This bonus structure will be same for both ICO and Hybrid staking program. (This bonus will be applicable only if your referral purchase MTRX in Pre-ICO and ICO) 

Extra Bonus for promoters: This bonus consists of 10 free MTRX if your referral just signup under you. (Just refer somebody and get 10 free MTRX)

Special SignUp Bonus: Every person get 30 MTRX free as a signup bonus.


Investors will get up to 51% return within 30 days by Staking MTRX and receive daily interests in MTRX, BTC, Eth & BCH (it will be investor’s choice to choose the currency in which he wanted to receive daily interests). The interest per month is up to 51% of your Locked amount. The more you will invest in the staking Platform, the better interest rate you will get also. There is an option in Hybrid staking reward section in which investor will lock his payout option either he wanted to take interests in  BTC, ETH, BCH or MTRX.

Hybrid Staking Amount Interest Capital Release
100 - 1,000 (MTRX) Daily Var. Rate + 0.05% After 99 Days
1,001 - 5,000 (MTRX) Daily Var. Rate + 0.12% After 79 Days
5,001 -10,000 (MTRX) Daily Var. Rate + 0.19% After 69 Days
10,001+ (MTRX) Daily Var. Rate + 0.26% After 59 Days


There are six backbone and key features of our whole mission to make our megatrox a huge success very soon.


Details in WhitePaper

Hybrid Staking

Details in WhitePaper

Megatrox Exchange

Details in WhitePaper

Lottery & Casino

Details in WhitePaper

Mining Project

Details in WhitePaper

Online Shoping Store

Details in WhitePaper

Road Map

MEGATROX Coin Concept & Development​
Successful Arbitrage Trading Test With BOT (MEGMA)
Development of Megatrox Exchange
Crowd Sale
Launch Of Megatrox Exchange

MTRX Price target = 4$ ~ 6$ (Approx)

Release OF Mobile + Windows + MAC Wallets
Online Crypto Shopping Store
Development & Beta Testing Of MEGATROX BOT (MEGMA)
Development & Beta Testing Of Hybrid Staking Platform
Pre ICO Of MTRX Coin
Launch Of Hybrid Staking
Listing of MTRX on CoinMarketCap

MTRX Price target = 8$ ~ 11$ (Approx)

Issue Of Debit Card System
Crypto Lottery and Casino Plateform
Jun 2019
Future Plans & Expansion Of MEGATROX

MTRX Price target = 45$ ~ 50$ (Approx)

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